Funk or Junk? Rockland’s Bravest

The FireRECRUITER’s helmet is off to my good friend and fellow recruiter Frank Hutton and Rockland County’s Creative Approach to the Fire Service Committee for putting forth a great effort in addressing recruitment and retention in their region.

With the help of a SAFER grant from the US Department of Homeland Security, they’ve produced a web site with cool videos for all age groups. features a music video and lots of great content in focusing on challenging prospective volunteers to “Be One of the Ones.”

And they’ve integrated collateral materials to support the web campaign including tent cards, brochures, kiosk, radio and outdoor advertising; and a complete package approach with a program folder wrapper. Continue reading “Funk or Junk? Rockland’s Bravest”


Make the Right Investments

A Texas city is threatening to stop collecting donations that pay for critical equipment like this hydraulic-lift stretcher.

I typically reserve my commentary type articles for my flagship site but I think it’s appropriate to divest from that practice for the purpose of this post. 

The following article tells of a small city that is threatening to stop collecting a voluntary public donation that has brought thousands and thousands of dollars in mission-critical equipment to their combination (paid/volunteer) fire department. 

Apparently, the threat is in response to a dwindling number of volunteer firefighters in their department, between 5 and 10, as the article points out. Without a lot of volunteers, they apparently don’t feel it’s appropriate to collect a donation on behalf of the volunteer side of their fire department. This situation seems to be causing quite a riff in the department. Continue reading “Make the Right Investments”

VFDs Get Creative About Recruiting

This article from the Post Star in Northern New York State outlines some of the creative steps their fire departments are taking to attract new members.

I applaud their efforts to diversify their membership, both in age and in function. Fire Explorers, Junior Firefighters, and FireCorps members are a great way to expand your work force. Continue reading “VFDs Get Creative About Recruiting”

Tonawanda Fire Explorers are Tops

The City of Tonawanda Fire Department’s (Erie County NY) Explorer Post’s motto is “Our Best Today for a Better Tomorrow.”

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed as they were recently identified as winners of a National Junior Firefighter Grant sponsored by Baskin-Robbins as announced by the National Volunteer Fire Council. Continue reading “Tonawanda Fire Explorers are Tops”


Suffolk County (Long Island NY) has been at the forefront of volunteer fire and EMS recruitment for several years.

Thanks to a $1M+ SAFER grant, they’ve made great strides in increasing the ranks of their 109 volunteer emergency services agencies in their county. Continue reading “REVIEW:”